Pie Weights Ceramic 450g Tub

DAE - 3289-3
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These washable ceramic weights keep pies, pastry shells and tarts from bubbling and shrinking.  Better than beans and more hygienic than metal pie chains, our small round ceramic weights are a great way to keep all of your pastry shells bubble and shrink free.

Just cover pierced, unbaked shell with cooking paper and fill with the pie weights before baking to prevent uneven rising.  Remove weights after baking, wash and store them in their container for reuse.

Key Features:

  • Ceramic design for quick, even conduction of heat
  • light even weight distribution for bubble-free pie crusts without shrinkage
  • Reuseable weights in convenient storage container
  • More durable than beans
  • More hygienic than metal pie chains
  • Oven safe