Herringbone Silicone Precision Pattern

ZAB - W409-7725
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Create a gorgeous herringbone effect on your next cake or batch of cupcakes with the Herringbone Silicone Precision Pattern! This flexible silicone mould makes it easy to achieve greater detail in less time. Simply press fondant into mould to create precise patterns. Remove interior or exterior fondant pieces for desired look. Press to cake and peel back mould to apply the design to the sides of cake. Use interior sections to mould individual shapes or mould cutout style pattern.

The mould measures at approximately 18cm x 11.5cm.

  • Add depth and dimension to your cake using the Herringbone Fondant Onlays Silicone Mould
  • Roll fondant, peel and place exciting patterned sections onto your cake
  • Decorate the side of your cake using an intricate, yet easy fondant over
  • Or fill the interior shapes for a different look
  • Flexible silicone onlays are easy to use