Large Heavy Duty Cake Dowels 350mm - 5 pack

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Create tall cakes with confidence knowing your cake will remain sturdy, with the Large Heavy Duty Cake Dowels - providing the support your cake needs!

How to Use

  • After you've iced all of your individual tiers on a slip board, it is time to build your internal support structure.
  • Insert your first dowel into the cake down to the base board
  • Mark the height of your cake on the dowel & remove
  • Cut dowel on the mark using a dowel cutter.
  • Use this dowel as a guide and cut the remaining dowels to the same length
  • Stack cakes as required using your trimmed dowels to support your cake tiers sliding
  • If stacking multiple tiers, repeat process for every layer

Key Information

  • Pack of 5
  • Each dowel measures 1.6cm x 35cm
  • Opaque in colour