Medium Mermaid Tails Chocolate Mould - 3 Piece Set

BAF - BWB10020
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ChocoalteTop off your next batch of cupcakes with some cute mermaid tails with the help of this 3 Piece Set!

These moulds are suitable for chocolate, fondant, soap making, plaster, concrete crafting, and much more!

Part 1 Smooth, rigid piece with fill line | Part 2 Soft, flexible piece | Part 3 Rigid piece with a crease


  1. Melt chocolate and pour to the fill line of the mould
  2. Place the flexible insert and the top of the mould into the cavity, pressing them together until the chocolate completely fills the mould
  3. Turn the mould over and with your fingers, press lightly against the edges of the cavities. Place the Mould in the fridge and allow the chocolate to harden and release itself from the mould (approximately 11 minutes)
  4. Remove the mould from the fridge and carefully remove the flexible insert from the chocolate.