White Lace Mix 200g

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Achieve a stunning lace effect on your next cake or batch of cookies or cupcakes with the White Lace Mix 200g! The lace mix from Sugar Crafty is an award winning edible lace mix which sets flexible in Cake Lace moulds. This lace mix comes in a 2 separate parts, Part A and Part B, inside the 200g tub with easy to use instructions! PLUS you can even change the colour of the lace mix by using gel paste colours.

- 50g water
- 50g lace mix Part A (dry mix)
- 3g Part B * (Liquid)

1. Mix lace mix Part A and water on medium speed for 2 minutes.
2. Add Part B and mix for 5 minutes on high speed.
3. Use a cake scraper to smooth mixture over the silicone mat ensuring a consistent thick coverage
4. Dry lace inside the silicone mould in a 80 degree Celsius (175 Fahrenheit) oven for approximately 12 minutes.
5. Cool and carefully remove decorations from the mat. Alternatively, allow to air dry in the mat for approximately 8 hours.
6. Attach to fondant cakes with a light spray of water or steam the surface.
7. Prepared lace decorations may be stored between baking paper for up to 3 months in cool dry conditions.

Contains: Rice starch, fructose, glucose, thickener E440, colourings E171, flavour vanilla, preservative E202 (Part 1). Humectant E422 and emulsifier E433 (Part 2).

Allergy Warning: Contains traces of lactose, may contain traces of milk, soya and sulphites. Gluten Free.

Made in Italy.