The Mat PRO Cake decorating

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The Mat PRO comes with marks, so you know exactly how much fondant you need for your cake. There is a chart for square and round cakes - up to 20" (4" high). The only food safe vinyl mat available - this patent pending 2-mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use this food safe tool to get professional results instantly! The Mat is 30" x 30" and will cover up to a 20" cake (4" high) easily using this tool and method. Makes rolling out fondant quick and easy for every skill level, everyone from beginner to seasoned decorator will turn our professional results the first time and every time.

Note: The flat shipping rate DOES NOT apply for this item as THE MAT is packaged in a tube.


Dust Free Method: stop drying out your fondant, stop changing the recipe of your fondant, stop making a mess, stop causing fermentation from Corn Starch!!!;

It's Sanitary: minimizes or eliminates contact with bacteria laden countertops and skin;

Ability to roll to 1/8" thin makes fondant more desirable to the palate while also reducing food cost;

Saves time: THE MAT allows you to roll out fondant and get it on the cake more quickly, plus you don't have cleanup;

Minimizes effort and stress on the user: easy to handle the fondant, easy to get it on the cake, easy to get a professional looking result with first time use;

Makes the cake taste better: by rolling the fondant thinner, there is a less "bulky" mouth feel to each bite of the cake; because you didn't use dust, the fondant didn't get "chalky"!

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