Smart Marker Square

RAF - 7216
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This tool will help you centre your cakes and space your garland/swags perfectly. The set includes a square flat marker which is used to center each tier on top of the previous cake.
You simply lay it over the bottom layer, and insert a toothpick through the holes to mark out where you next layer should go. There are also individual impression markers that you can use to space them perfectly for that border around the edges of a cake. It marks 16", 15", 14", 13, 12", 11", 10", 9" 8", 7" and 6" cakes. Can also be used to mark swags which are odd sizes and aids in centering odd size cakes. It works on both rolled fondant cakes (mark as soon as cake is covered) and buttercream cakes (wait until icing crusts to mark). The garland markers allow you to create identical swags of various designs: diamond shape, centered dot, dots, one line swag, two line swag and cornelli.

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