Mondo Ombre Layer Cake Pan 5 Set

KAD - 01MO151
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Create a stunning rainbow or ombre layer cake with the Mondo Ombre Layer Cake Pan 5 Set! The Mondo Ombre Set makes it easy to create your perfect straight sided layer cake and allowing you to bake them at the same time! Fill each pan halfway with your mixture for the ideal size and rise.

This set of five tins are made from premium 3003 alloy and is anodised. This anodising process hardens and seals the surface producing an attractive, smooth and safe finish. These cake pan ares made commercial quality bakeware meaning it should not rust, chip, or warp. These pans are handwash only.

The pans measure at approximately 7 inches x 1.25 inches (17.5cm x 3cm)

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