Colour Mill Lustre Blend - Porcelain

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A timeless treasure, Colour Mill Porcelain Lustre Blend offers a pristine white tone with a touch of finesse. It will always look good in the spotlight, but wont crack under pressure.

Create desserts that dazzle with Colour Mill's ultra-pigmented and finely-milled Lustre Blend. The magical secret ingredient for dazzling delights!

Made from food-safe ingredients, Lustre Blend ensures that your bakes are not only picture perfect, but also completely safe to enjoy! Each jar contains holds 10ml of Lustre.

How to Use it

Lustre Blend can be used dry or wet! For a dry application, dip your food safe brush into the Lustre Jar and apply directly onto your bake. For a wet application, mix lustre with alcohol or activator on a paint palette, to create a pearly paint.

Where to Use it

The Lustre blend is perfect for sweets with real shine, apply to everything from glazes and jellies to buttercream and beverages.