Baby Feet Duckie and Teddy Mould

EAE - ELV165
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Add some cute edible baby decorations to your cake or cupcakes with the Baby Feet Duckie and Teddy Mould! This mould features some baby feet, a duck, and a teddy, which would be perfect for decorating baby shower cupcakes and cookies, or even adding small decorations to a cake.

The overall mould measures at approximately 7.5cm x 3.7cm and each design measures at approximately:

- Bear: 2.2cm x 2.5cm
- Feet: 1.6cm x 1cm
- Duck: 1.5cm x 2.2cm

Note: The scalloped background is not included, but can be achieved with scone, petal or round crinkled cutters.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Simply press your material into the mould and try not to overfill
  2. Slice away any excess with the back edge of a knife so you don't damage your mould.
  3. Once your mould has a flat back, carefully flex the mould to remove it and allow to dry, preferably on baking paper to prevent sticking.
  4. To decorate, either use coloured fondant initially or use edible paint, lustre dusts or petal dusts to colour the outside of your piece.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Moulds can be 'lightly' wiped with cooking oil, but be sure to remove any excess.
  2. If the icing is too sticky or limp, lightly knead in some cornflour or icing sugar (for fondant or gumpaste).
  3. For large and detailed moulds, place filled mould in the freezer for a few minutes to harden so the detail holds when removing.
  4. If painting your item, petal dust and rose spirit is recommended as it dries quickly and prevents fondant and gumpaste from becoming soggy. Be sure to use an appropriate sized paint brush.
  5. For fine details, you could use edible food pens. 
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