Acetate Klear Kake Band 2.5in x 500ft

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Create a stunning layered cake, torte, or filled cake with the Acetate Klear Kake Band 2.5in x 500ft! Acetate can be used for a range of creations, including chocolate work to create curved designs or when working with various layers in a cake or torte when layers may need to be frozen or cold. The acetate collars or strips will keep the filling in and give the cake clean, crisp sides.

To use, simply pull out the required length of Klear Kake Band and cut it to wrap around your cakes or coat with some delicious chocolate. Acetate can be added to the inside of cake tins and pans of almost any size and your standard shapes, including square, round, rectangular, and hearts. The acetate can also be bent to create almost any design for chocolate work.

The acetate is 2.5 inches (6.35cm) in height with the roll measuring at 500ft (152m) in length.

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