Edible Hibiscus Flower Rosella Flower 20g

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Add some edible flowers to your next cake or cupcakes with the Edible Hibiscus Flower Rosella Flower 20g! In a 20g bag, these flowers are insecticide free making them suitable for adding to edible items. 

Also known as the Rosella Flower, they feature a slight tangy taste so they can be perfectly paired with citrus flavours as well as cherries, pineapple, mint, and cranberries.

They are the perfect way to add to add a natural decorative touch with colour and fragrance, and they can be mixed in with our other flower petals to create a gorgeous floral spring bouquet. 

The petals will last for years in a dry, sealed container.

The product is also extremely lightweight so you will quite a lot of use out of a small pack!

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