5 Inch Round Fat Daddio Round Cake Pan (4 Inch Deep)

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Bake your next cake in the 5 Inch Round Fat Daddio Round Cake Pan (4 Inch Deep)! The Fat Daddios Cake Pans are the best in the industry. Their anodised aluminium cake pans are preferred by home decorators and professionals worldwide.  The natural non dye anodising treatment hardens the bare surface of the metal and seals the natural pores of the aluminium. 

Their cake pans do not have any seams which means they are easier to clean and have no nooks or crannies where food can build up over time. With a thicker walls for longer heat distribution, the Fat Daddios finish is guaranteed to never chop, flake, peel, rust or blister. The pans can withstand temperatures of up to 287 degrees Celsius.

The cake pan measures at approximately 5 inches in diameter with a 4 inch depth.

Handwash recommended.

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