Cake Craft Airbrush & Compressor Kit

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Airbrushing just got a whole lot easier with the Cassie Brown Airbrush & Compressor Kit! This kit includes a user-friendly gravity feed airbrush with a mini compressor with three pressure settings, airbrush holder, a starter pack of 3 colours and an airbrush cleaner. It is easy to follow the step-by-step instructions and the kit also includes a free DVD - Cassie Brown Beginner's Guide To Airbrushing Cakes. Get ready some amazing results with your Cassie Brown Airbrush & Compressor Kit.

Airbrush Characteristics:
• Gravity feed top mounted 2cc colour cup
• Less air pressure required to operate
• Needle/Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
• Constant air flow
• Easy to maintain
• Chrome plated - easier to clean

• Internal mix (Air/Paint mix inside airbrush giving a fine dot spray pattern)
• Spray pattern approx. 1.6 - 30mm

Compressor Characteristics:
• 3 pressure settings - low, medium, high
• Very quiet in use
• Max Air pressure 15psi
• Power - 9w, current less than 800mA

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