Airbrush Dinkydoodle Black + Compressor + DVD

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The great new Dinkydoodle Airbrush and Compressor Set in Black. CLICK THE TAB ABOVE TO SEE THE VIDEO. Direct from Dawn Butler in the UK. Soft touch coating with encases the compressor making it easy to wipe clean (The colour can get into every nook and cranny if your compressor is not encased). The motor on the compressor is more powerful, so it's not working as hard when you use it. The hose is clear allowing you to see any blockages.An airbrush works by drawing air from the compressor unit through the hose and out through the airbrush via a tiny needle which is located inside the airbrush at the end of hand piece. When you pull back the lever, fine particles of colour are dispersed in the airflow. Airbrushing will allow you to take your creations to another level, producing stunning and professional results quickly and easily.

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