Silicone Moulds Misc

Silicone Moulds Misc
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4WD Four Wheel Drive Mould4WD Four Wheel Drive Mould
4WD Four Wheel drive mould - size approx 55mm long x 31mm high. Create the cutest 4WD drive cake top..
Ex Tax: $12.72
Angel Fairy MouldAngel Fairy Mould
Angel/Fairy silicone mould. Create cute little angels to decorate your cakes and cupcakes. Note: see..
Ex Tax: $14.54
Ballet MouldBallet Mould
Ballet mould - 25mm. This gorgeous ballet mould is perfect for your little girl birthday party! ..
Ex Tax: $12.64
Battle Axes MouldBattle Axes Mould
Battle Axes Mould. Mould size approx: 70mm x 60mm. Create gumpaste or fondant axes with this great m..
Ex Tax: $9.82
Bikini and Thongs MouldBikini and Thongs Mould
Bikini and Thongs Mould. Silicon rubber mould that will make one dotted bikini top and bottom and on..
Ex Tax: $12.26
Bows Mould MediumBows Mould Medium
Medium Bows Mould. This is a one piece silicon rubber mould to make 2 ribbon style bows. Measuring 4..
Ex Tax: $14.00
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Bunting MouldBunting Mould
Spell it out with the Bunting Mould! This beautiful bunting mould is suitable for fondant, gump..
Ex Tax: $18.17
Bunting Numbers Silicone MouldBunting Numbers Silicone Mould
Create the perfect birthday celebration using this versatile bunting numbers mould.This mould is sui..
Ex Tax: $8.00
Buttons Silicon Moulds 8pceButtons Silicon Moulds 8pce
8pc Button Silicone Mould. Perfect for cake toppers or for decorating on dress making cake themes. ..
Ex Tax: $12.23
Candle Rosette MouldCandle Rosette Mould
Candle rosette mould - 25mm. Make gorgeous candle rosettes to hold your bullet candles...
Ex Tax: $8.82
Car MouldCar Mould
Car Mould. Made from silicon rubber, this mould will make one 2/3 door car approx 60mm long and 3mm ..
Ex Tax: $6.81
Carousel Horse MouldCarousel Horse Mould
Carousel Horse Mould. Mould size approx: 80mm x 65mm. Create beautiful gumpaste or fondant carousel ..
Ex Tax: $12.82
Sold Out
Carousel Horse Silicone MouldCarousel Horse Silicone Mould
Silicone Mould Carousel Horse 2 Set. This creative mould is made out of a silicone system specially ..
Ex Tax: $17.00
Christmas Novelties MouldChristmas Novelties Mould
Create petite toppers or pieces for Christmas with the Christmas Novelties Mould! Made from sil..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Cinderella MouldCinderella Mould
Cinderella Mould - 5 fairy tale impressions. This gorgeous cinderella mould is perfect for your litt..
Ex Tax: $12.64
Communion Boy and Girl MouldCommunion Boy and Girl Mould
Communion Children mould. Kneeling boy & girl holding a goblet. Silicon rubber mould. Makes imag..
Ex Tax: $13.18
Cool Bomber Silicone MouldCool Bomber Silicone Mould
Cool Bomber silicone mould. Make cool bombs from fondant or gumpaste with this mould. Size approx: 5..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Sold Out
Cool Racer Silicone MouldCool Racer Silicone Mould
Cool racer silicone mould - it is a great silicone mould to make 3D cars from fondant, gumpaste or c..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Cricket Bat Stumps and Ball MouldCricket Bat Stumps and Ball Mould
Cricket bat, ball and stumps, Bat 72 x 15mm, Ball 10mm, Stumps 50 x 17mm. Use this mould to make a m..
Ex Tax: $13.63
Sold Out
Cross MouldCross Mould
Cross mould - 50mm high. It can be used on fondant, gumpaste, chocolates, etc. High detail in every..
Ex Tax: $8.45
Sold Out
Crystal Bead MouldCrystal Bead Mould
Crystal Bead Mould. The fastest, easiest, and newest way to add edible beads to any cake. Create bea..
Ex Tax: $19.64
Cup and Teapot MouldsCup and Teapot Moulds
Teapot with Cup and Saucer Mould. This is a two piece silicon rubber mould set to make a teapot and ..
Ex Tax: $26.36
Cupcakes and Tea Party MouldCupcakes and Tea Party Mould
Cupcakes & Tea Party Mould. Flexible rubber mould to make cupcakes decorations, cup and saucer, ..
Ex Tax: $13.18
Cupid MouldCupid Mould
Cupid Mould, silicon rubber mould to make a cupid with bow. Approx 42mm wide. Create beautiful cupid..
Ex Tax: $12.64
Sold Out
Diamonds Silicone OnlayDiamonds Silicone Onlay
Achieve a gorgeous design on your next cake creation with the Diamonds Silicone Onlay! This onl..
Ex Tax: $22.68
DIY Tool Silicone MouldDIY Tool Silicone Mould
DIY Tool silicone mould. Easily create DIY tools themed cake and cupcake decorations using this DIY ..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Electric Guitar MouldElectric Guitar Mould
Small Electric Guitar Mould. This silicone rubber mould creates a cute guitar approx size 95mm long ..
Ex Tax: $13.86
Floral Cross MouldFloral Cross Mould
Floral Cross Mould. Size approx: 35 x 25mm. Order one today!..
Ex Tax: $8.45
Football Boots and Balls MouldFootball Boots and Balls Mould
Football Boots & Balls. Makes a pair of 32mm x 10mm boots, a 22mm soccer ball and a 30mm x 16mm ..
Ex Tax: $15.00
Funny Faces MouldFunny Faces Mould
Funny Faces Mould. A flexible mould that will make a 35mm wide comic style face that can be decorate..
Ex Tax: $10.80
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