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Assorted Tiny Flowers MouldAssorted Tiny Flowers Mould
Create some little edible sugar flowers for your next cake or batch of cupcakes with the Assort..
Ex Tax: $13.00
Blossom Crescent MouldBlossom Crescent Mould
Create some gorgeous sugar or edible flowers with the Blossom Crescent Mould! This mould makes a spr..
Ex Tax: $12.72
Butterflies and Blossoms MouldButterflies and Blossoms Mould
Create some cute butterflies and flowers with the Butterflies and Blossoms Mould! Made fro..
Ex Tax: $13.17
Carnation MouldCarnation Mould
Create a stunning edible carnation flowers with the Carnation Mould! Made from silicone, this m..
Ex Tax: $9.82
Cupcake Top RoseCupcake Top Rose
Rose Embossing Cupcake Top Mould Kit. A great pair of moulds, make a scalloped edge embossed cupcake..
Ex Tax: $16.81
Daffodil and Leaf MouldDaffodil and Leaf Mould
Daffodil/Jonquil & Leaf mould. Produce bunches of daffodils or jonquils. Made from silicon rubbe..
Ex Tax: $10.90
Daisy MouldDaisy Mould
Daisy Flower Mould - 45 mm. This is a great mould - just pop a little piece of coloured icing in the..
Ex Tax: $10.41
Easter Bunny Chic and Flower MouldEaster Bunny Chic and Flower Mould
Easter Bunny, Chick and Flower Mould. Made from silicon rubber, this mould will make a bunny 35mm x ..
Ex Tax: $15.00
Fantasy Flower Centre MouldFantasy Flower Centre Mould
Fantasy Flower Centre Mould. This silicone rubber mould creates a cute flower centre approx diametre..
Ex Tax: $6.73
Frangipani Cutter and Veiner Set LargeFrangipani Cutter and Veiner Set Large
Create gorgeous sugar flowers with the Frangipani Cutter and Veiner Set (Large)! The set featur..
Ex Tax: $16.60
Frangipani Moulds Set of 2Frangipani Moulds Set of 2
Frangipani Moulds Set of 2. The small mould makes a frangipani flower 33 mm diameter and the larger ..
Ex Tax: $15.00
Frangipanis Mould MediumFrangipanis Mould Medium
Medium Frangipani Mould. Make 3 different sized frangipanis, 35mm, 26mm and 20mm. Create stunning fl..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Garden Friends MouldGarden Friends Mould
Garden Friends Silicon Mould. This mould makes miniature creatures up to about 25mm/1" wide, keep th..
Ex Tax: $12.71
Hibiscus MouldHibiscus Mould
Hibiscus Mould. Silicon rubber mould, makes two different sizes 30mm and 35mm. Create stunning flowe..
Ex Tax: $13.82
Hydrangea Cutter and Veiner SetHydrangea Cutter and Veiner Set
Create gorgeous sugar flowers with the Hydrangea Cutter and Veiner Set! The set features a stai..
Ex Tax: $13.80
Lilypad Nasturtium Leaf MouldLilypad Nasturtium Leaf Mould
Lilypad Mould (Nasturtium Leaf). Size approx: 70mm x 55mm. Order one today!..
Ex Tax: $11.81
Magnolia Centres MouldMagnolia Centres Mould
Magnolia buds/centres 3 sizes,17mm 12mm 9mm. Use this mould to make perfect life like magnolias. Use..
Ex Tax: $14.09
Magnolia Cutter and Veiner Set LargeMagnolia Cutter and Veiner Set Large
Magnolia Cutter and Veiner Set large. Set includes a two part silicon magnolia petal veiner so you c..
Ex Tax: $26.40
Maple Grape Leaf SetMaple Grape Leaf Set
Create stunning leaves with Maple Grape Leaf Set! Featuring two silicone veiners measuring appr..
Ex Tax: $15.60
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Medium Flower Set of 2 MouldMedium Flower Set of 2 Mould
Medium Flower set 2 mould. This set has 2 different types of flower molds, the first is an open flow..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Moth Orchid Cutter and Veiner SetMoth Orchid Cutter and Veiner Set
Create your own stunning sugar flowers with the Moth Orchid Cutter and Veiner Set! This set com..
Ex Tax: $30.50
Nasturtium Cutter and Veiner SetNasturtium Cutter and Veiner Set
Create your own gorgeous sugar flowers with the Nasturtium Cutter and Veiner Set! This set incl..
Ex Tax: $20.60
Orchid and Pansy MouldOrchid and Pansy Mould
Orchid and Pansy Mould. A rubber silicon mould to make stylized orchids and pansies, the flowers are..
Ex Tax: $9.82
Palm Tree and Hibiscus MouldPalm Tree and Hibiscus Mould
Palm Tree and Hibiscus Flower mould. Silicon mould, makes a 20mm diameter hibiscus flower and a palm..
Ex Tax: $9.82
Petite Daisies MouldPetite Daisies Mould
Petite Daisies Mould. Make 3 different sized daisies from the one mould 25mm, 20mm, 15mm. Create stu..
Ex Tax: $10.64
Petite Roses MouldPetite Roses Mould
Petite Roses and Leaves Mould 65mm across mould, 5 petite roses and three different size leaves. Lar..
Ex Tax: $14.09
Petitie Frangipani MouldPetitie Frangipani Mould
Petite Frangipani Mould. Make 3 different sized frangipani's from the one mould. 25mm, 18mm, 9mm. Ma..
Ex Tax: $10.36
Poinsettia and Holly Leaf MouldPoinsettia and Holly Leaf Mould
Poinsettia/Daisy & Holly Leaf. Makes 27mm wide flowers that resemble a daisy or poinsettia and a..
Ex Tax: $9.99
Poppy Daisy Dahlia and Violet MouldPoppy Daisy Dahlia and Violet Mould
Poppy, Daisy, Dahlia & Violet Mould. This is a one piece silicon rubber mould that makes 4 prett..
Ex Tax: $13.18
Pretty Blossom MouldPretty Blossom Mould
Pretty Blossom mould - 30mm diameter. Create gorgeous edibles blossoms to complete the look of your ..
Ex Tax: $7.26
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