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10 Shells Silicone Mould10 Shells Silicone Mould
Add some gorgeous edible shells to your next cake or batch of cupcakes with the Shell Silicone ..
Ex Tax: $8.00
20cm Non Stick Silicone Square Mould20cm Non Stick Silicone Square Mould
The 20cm Non Stick Silicone Square Mould is perfect for cakes, slices and more! This silicone mould ..
Ex Tax: $9.08
3D Diamond Silicone Mould3D Diamond Silicone Mould
Create some gorgeous edible gems or diamonds with the 3D Diamond Silicone Mould! This silicone ..
Ex Tax: $10.90
3D Football Chocolate Mould3D Football Chocolate Mould
Create delicious chocolates for a fan of football with the 3D Football Chocolate Mould! This ch..
Ex Tax: $3.50
3D Stiletto Mould3D Stiletto Mould
Add a cute chocolate shoe to your next cake with the 3D Stiletto Mould! This durable two-piece ..
Ex Tax: $17.26
4WD Four Wheel Drive Mould4WD Four Wheel Drive Mould
4WD Four Wheel drive mould - size approx 55mm long x 31mm high. Create the cutest 4WD drive cake top..
Ex Tax: $12.72
Alphabet Chocolate MouldAlphabet Chocolate Mould
Chocolate mould Alphabet. Make your own lettering for cakes, topping cupcakes etc.... Each letter st..
Ex Tax: $5.91
Angel Fairy MouldAngel Fairy Mould
Angel/Fairy silicone mould. Create cute little angels to decorate your cakes and cupcakes. Note: see..
Ex Tax: $14.54
Assorted Bow Silicone MouldAssorted Bow Silicone Mould
Create some gorgeous bows for your next cake or batch of cupcakes with the Assorted Bow Silicon..
Ex Tax: $18.00
Assorted Snowflake Silicone MouldAssorted Snowflake Silicone Mould
Add some delicate sugar snowflakes to your next cake or cupcakes with the Assorted Snowflake Si..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Assorted Tiny Flowers MouldAssorted Tiny Flowers Mould
Assorted Tiny Flowers Mould. Mould size approx: 65mm x 75mm. Tiny flowers size approx: 10mm x 10mm. ..
Ex Tax: $13.00
Baby Face MouldBaby Face Mould
Baby Face mould. This is a hard mould that comes in 3 different sizes for you to create adorable bab..
Ex Tax: $16.36
Baby Feet Duckie and Teddy MouldBaby Feet Duckie and Teddy Mould
Tiny Baby Feet, Duckie & Bear Mould. Silicon Rubber mould makes tiny baby feet, a duckie & a..
Ex Tax: $10.23
Baby Girl Boy MouldBaby Girl Boy Mould
Baby girl/boy silicone mould. Small mould that makes the words- baby, girl and boy. The words are 26..
Ex Tax: $11.30
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Baby Mould BigBaby Mould Big
Baby mould big - create a peacefully sleeping baby from fondant or gumpaste with this gorgeous silic..
Ex Tax: $33.60
Baby Shoes MouldBaby Shoes Mould
Celebrate a little one with the Baby Shoes Mould! This mould will create cute little baby booties th..
Ex Tax: $13.41
Baby Toys MouldBaby Toys Mould
Celebrate the upcoming arrival or birthday of a little one with the Baby Toys Mould! This mould will..
Ex Tax: $12.27
Ballet MouldBallet Mould
Ballet mould - 25mm. This gorgeous ballet mould is perfect for your little girl birthday party! ..
Ex Tax: $12.64
Bat and Cat MouldBat and Cat Mould
Bat & Cat Mould. The bat is 40mm accross and the cat is 20mm across. Great idea for Halloween pa..
Ex Tax: $10.23
Battle Axes MouldBattle Axes Mould
Battle Axes Mould. Mould size approx: 70mm x 60mm. Create gumpaste or fondant axes with this great m..
Ex Tax: $9.82
Bib Romper and Shoes MouldBib Romper and Shoes Mould
Bib, Romper & Shoes Mould.This is a one piece silicon rubber mould to make baby themed decoratio..
Ex Tax: $9.91
Bikini and Thongs MouldBikini and Thongs Mould
Bikini and Thongs Mould. Silicon rubber mould that will make one dotted bikini top and bottom and on..
Ex Tax: $12.26
Bird Cage MouldBird Cage Mould
Bird in a bird cage mould 34mm x 21mm. This sweet little mould is great for cupcakes make in pastel ..
Ex Tax: $9.08
Bird Mould 3DBird Mould 3D
This is a beautiful 3d bird mould perfect for making cake toppers. Decorate using edible pens or pet..
Ex Tax: $20.90
Blossom Crescent MouldBlossom Crescent Mould
Blossom Crescent Mould. This mould makes a spray of four flowers - two small blossoms 20mm across an..
Ex Tax: $12.72
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Blossom Cupcake Top and Blossom MouldBlossom Cupcake Top and Blossom Mould
Blossom cupcake top and blossom mould. Cupcake top - 62mm and Blossom mould - 20mm...
Ex Tax: $15.00
Sold Out
Body Mould ChildBody Mould Child
Body mould child - full body. It comes in 3 parts: arms, legs and head and upper body. All parts are..
Ex Tax: $18.17
Sold Out
Body Mould FemaleBody Mould Female
Body mould Female - full body - approx 8.25" tall. It comes in 3 parts: arms, legs and head and uppe..
Ex Tax: $18.17
Body Mould MaleBody Mould Male
Body mould male - full body. It comes in 3 parts: arms, legs and head and upper body. All parts are ..
Ex Tax: $18.17
Bows Mould MediumBows Mould Medium
Medium Bows Mould. This is a one piece silicon rubber mould to make 2 ribbon style bows. Measuring 4..
Ex Tax: $14.00
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