Satin Ice Fondant Blue Vanilla 1kg

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Satin Ice Icing Fondant Blue Vanilla 1kg. Buying a pre coloured blue fondant saves you the time and anxiety of mixing it yourself. If the colour is too strong you can tone it down by mixing some white fondant with it. Make stunning wedding cakes, custom novelty cakes, cupcakes and cookies with this rolled fondant. It has excellent elasticity when rolled out, easy to handle and seemingly unbreakable. The satin fine texture allows it to be rolled very thin, rolled fondant produces a satin-smooth elegant finish to any cake. This ideal cake covering seals the cake, keeps it moist and allows for an extended shelf life. Made in the USA, ensuring a fresh, consistent product. Dependable performance: when modeling decorations, your pieces will dry just as you intended. Contain: 0g trans fats, 0mg cholesterol. Allergen information: Gluten free, dairy free, nut free. Contains no animal derived products (vegan). Note: Any time Satin Ice remains open to the air it will dry, therefore it is very important that product storage is airtight. We recommend storing it in its pail after use.

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