Friand Pan 12 Cup

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Whip up and bake your next batch of friands in the Friand Pan 12 Cup! This pan features a durable non-stick coating allowing for quick release and easy cleaning!

The pan features 12 divisions so you can make multiple friands for your friends, family or customers!

The pan measures at approximately 27.6cm x 21cm x 1.9cm with each friand division measuring at approximately 4.5cm x 3.9cm x 1.9cm.

  • Unbeatable release due to our advanced silicone based non-stick coating
  • Even heating for baking and cooking
  • Optimal browning for best results
  • Minimal abrasion, no rust, and wipes clean easily
  • Metal/Nylon/Rubber/Wood Utensils Safe
  • Durable and excellent value and innovative design
  • Dishwasher Safe

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