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Bakels Shortbread Mix 15kg

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Create some delicious shortbread cookies with the Bakels Shortbread Mix 15g! Perfect for Christmas time or even any time as these shortbread biscuits are light and delicious in taste. You can cut them into simple rounds or get creative with various cookie cutters and decorate them with icing, fondant or a drizzle of chocolate.


Makes approximately 46 cookies when scaled 30g.

Ingredients: 550g salted butter


  1. Cream the butter until light.
  2. Blend in mix on low speed - don't overmix.
  3. Roll out dough to a thickness of 10mm.
  4. Cut desired shapes and place on to ungreased baking tray.
  5. Bake at 180C until cookies take on a light golden brown appearance.
  6. Allow to cool prior to decorating.

Shortbread Mix Ingredients: Wheat flour (thiamine, folate), sugar, rice flour, maize starch, wheat starch, dextrose. Contains GLUTEN. May be present: tree nuts, egg, milk, soy, sulphites, sesame.

Store below 25°C in clean, dry conditions and protected from direct sunlight. Shelf life 12 months from manufacture.

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